Silage Additives

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Knowledge Nuggets
  • Silage additives don’t offset the need to doing a top quality job of putting up high quality silage. They accelerate the ensiling process and increase the shelf life during feed out increasing net silage value.
  • There are several types of silage additives ranging from bacteria to acids and sugars.
  • Well designed high quality bacterial additives are generally the most effective. They are alive and must be handled appropriately to keep them that way.
  • Even distribution of the additive throughout the silage is key to having a positive effect. Add them during the chopping process in the field.
  • The right additive may increase the quality of the silage.
  • Bacterial additives should increase the rate of ensiling ensuring low pH is reached sooner.
  • Some chemical additives lower the pH quickly but may be too expensive to be justified.
  • The higher the value of the silage the more the cost of additives are justified.
  • Crops like alfalfa tend to be tougher to ensile and bacterial additives may help to achieve a higher quality product.
Fact Sheets

Adding Enzymes to Silage

A Review On Silage Additives And Enzymes

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Improving Silage Quality - available in PDF format only

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Research Papers

Comparison of the fermentation characteristics, aerobic stability and nutritive value of barley and corn silages ensiled with or without a mixed bacterial inoculant - available in PDF format only

Silage Fermentation and Additives - available in PDF format only
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