2016 Agronomy Update Conference

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This Week
 Agronomy Update Conference Agenda - January 19 - 20, 2016

Tuesday January 19, 2016 - AM Sessions

Field Crops Pathology
Aphanomyces Update
Dr. Syama Chatterton

New Clubroot Strains in Canola
Dan Orchard

Fusarium Head Blight: Mapping Geographical Distribution Changes
Trevor Blois

Key Strategies to Reduce the Impact of Fusarium Head Blight
Dr. Kelly Turkington

Soil Management
Soil Pits – Can You Dig it?
Roger Andreiuk

Reconciling Your Phosphate Bank Account
Norm Flore

Tuesday January 19, 2016 - PM Sessions

Grain Marketing
Maximum Residue Limit for Pesticides Overview
Carol Saunders

Implications of Changes to Wheat Varietal Classifications
Dave Hatcher

W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions
Christian Chivilo

Crops Agronomy
Is Straight Cutting Canola for Everyone?
Kevin Bender

Sprayer Tank Cleanout: Issues in the Field
Keith Gabert

Plant Growth Regulartors: Behind the Scenes
Dr. Sheri Strydhorst

Ultimate Canola Challenge - Boron: the Never Ending Story
Murray Hartman

Red Lentil Agronomy
Robyne Bowness

Challenges of a Breeding Program: Enhancing Agronomic Traits
Dr. Flavio Capettini

Adding Diversity to Crop Rotations: Economic Benefits to the Farm
Kevin Hursh

Wednesday January 20, 2016 - AM Sessions

Field Crops Entomology
Wireworms: To Know Them is to Kill Them
Dr. Bob Vernon

Swede Midge: Canola Scourge or Flash in the Pan?
Dr. Julie Soroka

Cutworm Update
Jennifer Otani

Provincial Insect Update
Scott Meers

Evaluation of Seed Treatments for Control of Crucifer & Striped Flea Beetles in Canola
Scott Hartley

Update on Updating the Lygus Threshold for Canola
Dr. Hector Carcamo

Wednesday January 20 2016 - PM Sessions

Weed Management in Field Crops
New Strange Weeds to Watch For
Nicole Kimmel

Herbicide Resistance & Harvest Weed Seed Control as a Management Option
Breanne Tidemann

Weeds that Change our Decision-making
Dale Fedoruk

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